Growing Medical Cannabis

Many nations now around the world are growing Cannabis for its medicinal value as it is scientifically proved that this plant can treat many diseases and solve many health issues. Though there has been debate going on regarding the addiction it can cause yet no one can ignore the fact that it has been used as a medicine since last 4000 years.

Generally people who have the prescription for marijuana but do not know where to get the same are interested in growing the crop in their homes. However it is highly recommended that you should check the laws of your nation before growing the same as there could be some restrictions. Here I will provide you with certain tips and instructions on the methods of growing medical Cannabis which can help you garner the best results.

In many places it is mandatory for you to take the permit for growing cannabis and all the more important is taking prescription from a practitioner for e.g. in Canada you need authorization and permission for growing medical cannabis but in many states of United States you can cultivate the same without permission also. Once you have acquired permission, you should choose the seeds, which could be either Sativa or Indica strains. Both the seeds have different medicinal values making it all the more imperative for you to seek the appropriate seeds according to the medical condition. Sativa is used for building up appetite acting as appetite stimulator among patients and is mostly used for HIV/AIDS as well as terminal cancer patients while Indica is generally relaxant preferably used for reducing the pain.

You can grow cannabis for medical purposes either indoors or outdoors but in any case it requires balanced nutrient contents, oxygen, sufficient light or artificial light, and organic soil or fertilizers. Since the plants are being grown for medical purposes, it is better that organic fertilizers are used for their healthy growth. You also need to regularly water the plants and check them from any infestations

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