How to Promote Your Music An Outlet to Making Money

How to promote your music should be kept on topic. Whilst background information in the Bio may be useful if targeting a certain type of fan and wanting them to feel an affinity, it is not helpful to post the latest updates on Swine Flu, or other non music related information on the website. Visitors will have probably found the website online music promotions and are expecting it to deliver what they came there for - the music, so it should be ensured the content of the bands website contains relevant information that serves the visitor's expectations.

Broken and mistyped links are the best way of telling visitors that are too busy to attend to the web presence and sending them elsewhere. They'll probably think that the music has been given up and will move on. The construction of the website should not be rushed to MySpace, Facebook or other online pages. It should be ensured to take the time to test links carefully, and ask friends to do it too. One of the most common areas that links errors occur is in mail outs or newsletters. A friend should be asked to check the links in the newsletter or mail shot before sending it out, as there is nothing worse than delivering the newsletter twice. At best it looks unprofessional, at worst one will get marked as spam by his fans.

There are ways of mitigating some of the expenses involved in online music promotions, and for staying in this for the long haul, cutting costs as much as possible is needed. For instance, the band/label/agent is required to print posters and send them, instead of taking that cost on self. Accommodation should not be provided if the band's show is not going to generate enough money to cover the costs, or if it is must, the band ought to be put up at the house.

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